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FAQs Freshmatic Compact

FAQs Freshmatic Compact

What is included in the Air Wick Freshmatic Max Compact Starter Kit?

It includes the Air Wick Freshmatic Max Compact device, an aerosol refill, and three AA batteries, together with instructions. NOTE: The batteries already come installed in the starter kit.

Can you adjust the fragrance level?

Air Wick Freshmatic Max Compact has three time interval settings.

  • Position I to spray every 30 minutes
  • Position II to spray every 15 minutes
  • Position MAX to spray every 7½ minutes

How do you know when the batteries have run out?

The green LED light on the front of the device will stop flashing as the device will no longer be working. The batteries will generally last for 4-5 refills.

How do I shut it off?

There is no ‘OFF’ Switch on the product. If the unit is not going to be in use for long periods of time we recommend that you remove the refill and/or batteries.

How will I know that it is time to change the refill and/or the battery?

When the refill needs to be replaced the green light will flash every 1 second. This is also evident when a visible puff/spray is not observed coming from the device indicating that the status of the refill must be checked. If the refill is empty, simply replace with a new refill. If the refill still contains product, it is likely that the battery(ies) must be replaced. The green light stops flashing indicating the batteries need to be replaced.

What do I do if my Freshmatic Max Compact hasn’t started puffing/spraying?

Confirm that the refill is inserted correctly (two batteries are to be inserted closest to the door and one battery closest to the outside of the gadget.) -Make sure the red battery tab has been removed to activate battery. -Make sure the battery is in the unit in the correct orientation and the battery compartment is closed securely. -Check for puff/spray by sliding adjuster all the way to the top (MAX) and putting something dark behind the unit to make the spray more visible. -Ensure that the door on the refill compartment is snapped shut. -Push boost button consecutively several times.

What is the light blue button on the front of the device for?

By pressing the blue ‘boost’ button you will be able to get a burst of fragrance spray on demand.

If I already own a larger size Freshmatic, why would I want to purchase this one?

The Freshmatic Max Compact is discrete, compact design lends itself to use in smaller spaces & on surfaces where the larger Freshmatic Max is not suited. It is portable so you can take from room to room.